The Villa



"From the Volterrana road is the dark drive lined with cypresses that leads to the Villa "I Tattoli", one of the most grandiose and most important among the villas in the surroundings of San Casciano...
I Tattoli still preserves the characteristics of the rich noble homes of the XVth century.
Built below-ground level were the cellars, the granary, the store houses and the rooms of the oil jugs, where the olive oil, second to none worlwide, is stored still today; the wine, long present on the table of sovereigns and pontifs, ages in the darkness of the cellars under vaulted ceilings designed by the Renaissance architect Sangallo...
Today after six hundred years, the spacious and beautiful Villa "I Tattoli" has alwasy remained in the Bini family..."
From: G.Carocci - L.Bosi "Le ville del Chianti"

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