The Chianti Classico


"Geographically, Chianti is a district of 173,000 acres. It is a land of memories that can be found in paintings in the Uffizi Gallery and in other art museums in those glimpses of panoramas and in those fragments of landscape that appear in the background behind a Madonna or a patron saint.
By a fortunate coincidence of natural elements, such as latitude, climate, soil and altitude, the olive trees that are cultivated in Chianti are perhaps the best in the best in the world for production of oil.
Extra virgin oil is the finest and most natural obtained through the simple pressing of the olives without chemical interventions whether in connection with extraction or correction of acidity.
The Chianti extra virgin olive oil has returned to fashion, triumphing on all the world's markets. Due in great part to the discovery by American medical researchers that its presence in the Mediterranean diet accounts in great part for that regimen's capacity to reduce incidence ot arteriosclerosis and cardiac aliments. In additio, the New York Times, on its own initiative, carried out a test involving all extra virgin olive oils produced throughout the world and reached the conclusion that the oil pressed in Chianti Classico was the best."

From: E.Bosi and C.Pillon "The Chianti Classico"

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